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f Plant Growth Regulator
f Insectcide & Fungicide
f Herbicide
f Humate Salt, Fulvic Acid, Fertilizer
f Chemical Industrial Material
Tel: +86-731-58377417 /55580056
Fax: +86-731-58378838
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Xiangtan New Sunshine Trade co., Ltd. former Hunan Xiangtan county foreign economic relations and trade corp., was founded in 1971, specializing in manufacturing and exporting agrochemicals and industrial chemical products.

Plant growth regulator, Insecticide & Fungicide, Herbicide, New Fertilizer, Chemical Industrial Materials are our major products. We have invested in 4 Subsidiary chemical factories and own a chemical laboratory, and we have very good partner relation with many reputable chemical factories in China. Our technical team can ensure the best quality, our sales team have rich international trade experience, can help client reduce cost, and ensure the best professional service.

Our company will always abide by the contracts, pay great attention to its' credit, strive to improve our products quality and deliver our goods on time, as so to offer high quality products to our clients

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